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EurSafe Secretariat

Dr. Bernice Bovenkerk
EurSafe Secretariat
Wageningen University
Department of Social Sciences/ Philosophy
PO Box 8130
The Netherlands

Email: bernice.bovenkerk@wur.nl


For Enquires Concerning Membership

Verenigingen Beheer Nederland B.V.
Spinozalaan 33
NL-2273 XC Voorburg
The Netherlands


Tel:  +31 (0)70-3456456

Email: info@verenigingenbeheer.nl

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If you are interesting in contributing to the Newsletter, please contact the Newsletter Editor: Bernice Bovenkerk


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If you are have comments on the website, please contact the Website Editors: Vibeke Almaas and David Hodson (University of Nottingham)


International Innovation speaks with Franck L B Meijboom, EurSafe Secretary, about how the Society fosters open discussion on the issues surrounding the ethics of agriculture and food production and consumption.
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