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Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics

Published by Springer

EurSafe has a strong link with the Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics.

The Journal, under the Editor-in-Chief Richard P. Haynes (University of Florida), publishes a Special Issue based on presentations from each EurSafe Congress.

Members of EurSafe are also Members of the Journal Editorial Board and a representative of the Publishers, Springer, regularly attends the EurSafe Congress EurSafe Members can opt for Individual Membership with subscription to the Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics (JAEE).

See the Membership section for further details

EurSafe Congress Proceedings

From 2006, the Congress Proceedings have been published by Wageningen Academic Press

EurSafe 2013

EurSafe 2013

The ethics of consumption The citizen, the market, and the law

Edited by: Helena Röcklinsberg and Per Sandin

EurSafe 2012

EurSafe 2012

Climate change and sustainable development: Ethical perspectives on land use and food production

Edited by: Thomas Potthast and Simon Meisch

Eursafe 2010

EurSafe 2010

Global food security: ethical and legal challenges

Edited by: Carlos M. Romeo Casabona, Leire Escajedo San Epifanio and Aitziber Emaldi Ciriónto

Eursafe 2009

EurSafe 2009

Ethical futures: bioscience and food horizons

Edited by: Kate Millar, Pru Hobson West and Brigitte Nerlichn

Eursafe 2007

EurSafe 2007

Sustainable food production and ethics

Edited by: Werner Zollitsch, Christoph Winkler, Susanne Waiblinger and Alexander Haslberger

Eursafe 2006

EurSafe 2006

Ethics and the politics of food

Edited by: Matthias Kaiser and Marianne Elisabeth Lien

If you are interesting in obtain a copy of EurSafe Congress Proceedings please go to the Wageningen Academic Press website or contact the Congress Organisers


International Innovation speaks with Franck L B Meijboom, EurSafe Secretary, about how the Society fosters open discussion on the issues surrounding the ethics of agriculture and food production and consumption.
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