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Former EurSafe Executive Board Member receives Fellowship of the UK Society of Biology

Former EurSafe Executive Board Treasurer receives an Award of Merit for Scientific Understanding 2012

EurSafe News, is published quarterly. Members of EurSafe can choose between receiving a paper or electronic version of the newsletter. Other interested individuals may also download the electronic version of EurSafe News which is published as PDF files on the website.

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The main objective of EurSafe News is to act as a source of information on the Society, Conferences, Courses and Other related information. The Newsletter presents this information in five sections: 1) EurSafe News, 2) Conferences and Courses, 3) Recent Publication, 4) Research Funding Calls, 5) General information. If you would like to contribute to EurSafe News, please contact the appropriate section editor.

New Books, Reports and Journal Announcements – Herwig Grimm New Courses and Conferences – Emma Hooley
New Research Funding Calls and Jobs – Tassos Michalopoulos Nordic Editor – TBA

For all other contributions or enquiries contact the Chief Editor: Stefan Aerts

Contributions for December 2011 must be submitted by: 15th November 2011


International Innovation speaks with Franck L B Meijboom, EurSafe Secretary, about how the Society fosters open discussion on the issues surrounding the ethics of agriculture and food production and consumption.
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