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EurSafe strives to achieve its aims through various activities:

  • Organising a communication network for people from professional practice, academic disciplines, social organisations and public administration

  • Organising Scientific Conferences, particularly the EurSafe Congress

  • Publishing Newsletters

  • Initiating recognition prizes, such as the Vonne Lund Prize for best student paper and poster at the EurSafe Congress

  • Promoting exchanges, such as visiting fellowships and special professorships at prominent universities, and capacity building

Upcoming events

EurSafe 2024 Ede
11th - 14th September 2024
Back to the Future
Sustainable innovations for ethical food production and consumption


Join our ever growing network engaged in discussion of important ethical questions concerning agriculture, food, and animals. 

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Our newsletter EurSafe News, is published three times a year.

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